Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I didn't want a blog

Here's a picture of my eye, illuminated by the eerie blue glow of the computer screen.
I have to admit that I'm not completely sure if this blog thing is the right thing for me. I mean, I wonder if it's a little self-centered to want to put yourself out there online. Isn't it a little attention-seeking? I already know that I'm attention-seeking anyway. But I am encouraged by what Mike wrote about Elder Holland's comments about blogs.

Also, since I'm already quite active on Facebook, I thought that blogging would be kind of redundant, since Facebook has the "Notes" feature that can be easily used as a blog if I feel like it. But I can see how there are some things that I might want to say that don't seem quite right for the Facebook audience, for whatever reason (such as my last post).

So here I am on Blogger. I would actually really love to know if people are reading my blogs (I like attention, remember?) so feel free to leave comments.


Linden said...

I'm one of your readers... I've got you in my Google Reader already. :)

I don't think blogging is attention-seeking at all, although I supposed it can depend on your purpose. My purpose is to stay in touch with my friends, share new technology I come across, and share some of the differences between Deutschland and Missouri/America that I have discovered.

What's your purpose for joining the blogosphere?

P.S. I love your blog title!

red said...

Oooo, your eye up close. You enjoy doing that don't you? hee hee.

triciab said...

Hey, great blog! I have one too...its