Sunday, March 2, 2008

Life's little ironies

I was happy the other day when I got a message online from one of my long-time friends saying that she was going to be coming to Salt Lake City for the weekend. We originally met when I was living in Winnipeg (she grew up there) and we have managed to see each other several times over the years in different locations. She decided to come down to Salt Lake City from Calgary because there was a seminar taking place this weekend that she really wanted to attend. She called me on Friday night to pick her up from the shuttle and she stayed with us Friday night, in anticipation of going to the seminar on Saturday.

Things didn't work out like she hoped, though. It turned out that she became ill onthe trip and instead of attending her seminar, she spent the whole day in bed. At the time of blogging, she is still in bed, too weak to get up and do much of anything.

Life has some ironies in it sometimes. In fact, I feel like irony is sort of a main principle of how things work. It seems that no one is exempt from it at some point or other.

The title of this post is based on a comic strip called The K Chronicles. Occasionally in his strip he posts "Life's Little Victories", small things that happen in life that make you feel happy.

Well here's hoping that my friend feels better soon.

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