Sunday, March 16, 2008

Minutiae from today.

I was sitting in church -- I think it was Relief Society -- when I realized that I had probably forgotten to brush my teeth in the morning. That is, I certainly couldn't remember brushing them at any point. I had already eaten breakfast and apparently my teeth weren't dirty enough for me to notice (I usually notice the not-smooth feeling when my teeth are dirty) so I don't think I had remembered to brush them. This is out of the ordinary for me; I'm a pretty regular brusher. Thankfully I had some gum with me so I popped in a piece and kept it in there for the rest of church. I did the whole hold-your-hand-in-front-of-your-mouth-and-check-your-breath thing and it didn't smell too bad... hopefully nobody noticed. I brushed after I got home.

I wanted to eat something when I got home from church in the afternoon so I got out some leftover potato soup that my mom had made last night and popped it into the microwave. While eating the soup at the kitchen counter, I dropped some onto my skirt. I wiped it off and decided to let the mark dry and see how it looked. After it dried I looked at it and decided that the vague whitish marks there weren't noticeable enough for me to change my skirt for my meeting with the bishop, so I didn't.

Hm... today's blog kind of makes me sound like a slob... hopefully I'm not the only person who does things like this from time to time.

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Linden said...

Yeah, you're totally not the only one! I always have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant in my desk at school. Plus, it comes in handy when I eat something at school that gives me icky breath! That doesn't help at church, though!

And about the skirt... I totally do this. Probably because I've been teased in the past for always getting food on me somewhere when I eat. So sometimes, I'm extra careful, but that requires a mindfulness that I don't always have. :)

I think we all do things like this from time to time, whether we want to admit it or not!