Friday, June 27, 2008

ABCs about me

I saw this on another blog and liked it. So there.

A) attached or single - single
B) best friend - well, according to my phone wallpaper, it's K
C) cake or pie - Which one is within arm's reach?
D) day - Used to be Saturday, the day I would go to the Conference Center. Now I suppose it's Sunday.
E) essential item - Something to put on my lips, and my phone if I remember it.
F) favorite color - blue
G) gummie bears or worms - bears. But I'd rather have chocolate.
H) home town - Holladay, UT
I) indulgence - Chocolate. And in the hot weather I like taking cool showers.
J) January or July - September.
K) kids - I have not borne any children myself, but I like them
L) life is incomplete without - The Book of Mormon, guitars, and dark chocolate
M) marriage date - How would I know?
N) # of siblings - 2
O) oranges or apples - oranges, because I've had a lot of bad apples. But I'm trying to learn to like them more.
P) phobias or fears - pleading the 5th on this one
Q) quote - With my memory, I'm happy to remember only a few.
R) reason to smile - My amazing recent birthday celebration
S) season - Always fall. Not only is it not too hot and not too cold, but there are beautiful colors everywhere. I always miss Winnipeg in the fall.
T) tag - Red.
U) unknown fact about me - I go through toilet paper really fast.
V) vegetarian or oppressor of animal - I don't eat a lot of meat. Usually once a day or less.
W) worst habit - see P.
X) rays or ultrasounds - random! However, thinking of x-rays makes me think of going through security at the airport, which means that I'm going on a trip somewhere, so I'll take x-rays.
Y) your favorite food - pizza
Z) Zodiac sign - Cancer, but I think that astrology is silly.

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Laverna said...

Mmm. Chocolate. I love fall time too.