Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today I sang a solo in church and I tried to use the principles that I learned in Vocal Beauty Boot Camp.  Lots of people came up to me after the meeting and told me that they had enjoyed the musical number and that it was beautiful.  I sang "Guide Me to Thee", which I knew very well after having sung it all week at the camp.  My father had attended the meeting just to hear me sing and said that some of the notes that I sang were just "transporting".  That's a high compliment coming from him.  Thanks, Vocal Beauty Boot Camp, for helping me to bring beautiful music into the church setting.  While my performance was inconsistent in applying the new principles I have learned, I did a better job than I would have done, and apparently people enjoyed the performance.  I certainly hope that the performance helped to invite the presence of the Holy Ghost into the meeting.

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Laverna said...

I wouldn't worry that some of the principles you have learned at VBBC weren't consistently applied to your performance -- the things you have learned take lots of focus practice before they become second nature.
I have been playing horn for how many years now? 13? (More than half my lifetime) And I still have to spend time practicing the basics of breathing and tone production.
It has been wonderful to read about your experience. I am going to seriously consider attending this in the next couple years.

BTW, I love the cocktail face. I will have to make sure I attend your next performance just so I can see "the face" in action!