Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome: my two cents

Thanks to Linden's heads-up, I learned about Google Chrome and downloaded it pretty soon after it became available.

If you don't want to read the rest of my review, here's the short version: Chrome is great, but I'm not quite ready to give up Firefox completely just yet.

The pros of Google Chrome:
The promises are true. I tried it out on a couple of pages that usually take a long time to load and they loaded SIGNIFICANTLY faster.
Also, when one tab crashes, it doesn't take the whole computer down with it. Just close the tab and pretty soon the memory will catch up and everything will be fine. Pretty sweet.
I am relieved to see that it loads the website that I work for as designed. So I don't have to do any redesigning for now. Phew!
The developers of Google Chrome rightly realized that tabs belong at the top of the window and the overall look is well-designed, if spartan.

The cons of Google Chrome:
It's the little things. For one thing, I miss the "Undo Close Tab" choice that comes up when you right-click on the tabs in Firefox. I use that all the time.
Also (and this might be a remnant of my days of being a Windows 3.11 user) I often close windows by double-clicking on the icon in the upper left corner. Since Chrome hides this icon you can't close the window that way. I find myself doing a little "oh yeah" and moving the mouse over to the right side of the window to click on the X.
I have actually seen it load one page wrong, but that's not actually a big deal, since this page doesn't work all that well in Firefox either. (I know a lot of people use Internet Exploder, but tsk tsk.)
Unfortunately, the memory savings aren't enough to allow me to load ALL the tabs I want at the same time. But this has a lot to do with the fact that the old Inspiron laptop isn't as young as it used to be.
Shockwave player doesn't seem to work perfectly in Chrome. Not sure if this is a Chrome problem or a Shockwave problem.

So, in summary, I like Chrome, and it's already got a place in my Quick Launch. But I haven't found that I could switch over to Chrome exclusively yet. I still have to use Firefox and *gulp* even IE for some tasks.


Glen Murphy said...

You can undo close tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T, or looking in the bottom-right corner of the New Tab Page.

ww said...

Thanks, Glen. That will come in handy.

ww said...

ADDITIONAL: GOOGLE CHROME DOESN'T RUN FACEBOOK RIGHT!!! That's a browser killer right there.