Friday, February 1, 2008

Beautiful Singing

I would say if there is one thing that most people who know me know, it's that I love to sing. Despite the fact that I have sung my whole life, I have never formally taken voice lessons, even though I would very much like to. So imagine how excited I was last spring when I first saw the program "Beautiful Singing: Not Just for the Chosen" on BYU-TV. It's an hour-long television program that is basically a condensed complete course of voice lessons. It introduces principles, based in physics and solid vocal pedagogy, that can help people to improve the quality of their singing.

The program is actually based on a longer experience called "Vocal Beauty Boot Camp", which is a week-long intensive group voice lesson offered by the developer of the program, Clayne Robison. He's a performer and voice teacher who works at Brigham Young University. My mom and I were even talking about going to that program and we were disappointed when we found out that last summer's boot camp was canceled. Yesterday, I found out from my choir director that the reason it was canceled is that Bro. Robison and his wife are currently on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he will offer more boot camps after he returns! According to the website registration for the boot camps will be available on the website starting in April.

I'm excited about the possibility to attend this program and I hope it will work out for my schedule. In the meantime, keep checking back at the BYU-TV website for "Beautiful Singing" to see when the program will be airing on their stream again. You can watch the program anytime for about a month after it airs.


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