Saturday, February 2, 2008

President Hinckley's Funeral and Saturday links

Today was President Hinckley's funeral. It was a very nice service. I believe at one point the reporters on the radio were mentioning how people were hearing the reporting outside of the Salt Lake area, and I couldn't help but think that it was so appropriate that President Hinckley's funeral would be heard and experienced by people all over the world through media means, since he was so good at using the media to further the purposes of the Lord. As the funeral procession proceeded up South Temple, the bells of the Cathedral of the Madeleine were ringing, which was a very nice tribute from our Catholic friends. People were waving white handkerchiefs and canes as the funeral procession passed by. BYU-TV had coverage of the funeral for much of the day, anchored by Jane Clayson Johnson and Don Olsen.

A photo that I took on my last day at the Conference Center, Spring 2007. I think sunset is the best time of day to be on the roof of the Conference Center.
As a hostess at the Conference Center for several years, many times I felt the "spirit of the Conference Center", which I experienced as a happy feeling that usually hit me almost immediately after I entered the building. If I had any problems or worries, I think I often forgot about them completely after a relatively short time in the Conference Center. I believe that the happy feeling was the Holy Ghost testifying to me that the words that President Hinckley spoke in the Conference Center were the words of the Lord. I know that President Hinckley is a prophet of God.

Here are a couple of links to some things I ran across this week that were interesting:
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