Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am seriously like the worst flirt. Ever. Here's an example of my lack of flirting skills.

Yesterday I went to the gym and I got up to the treadmills where I was planning on working out. As I walked past one of the treadmills a guy who was standing on the treadmill saw me and stuck out his hand to shake mine. It was a guy that I used to go to church with. Our conversations went something like this:
"Do you come here?" he said.
"Yeah," I replied. "I come here at all different times of day."
"I've been coming here for the past three weeks. It's all cardio. Gotta get back in shape."
"That's great. I'm so glad that you're getting in shape." (Oops! Did I just imply that I think he isn't in shape?)

Patting him on the arm, I went over to the treadmill and did my workout. As I worked I looked over at him a couple of times and thought about what I could say him when I passed him again on the way out. After my workout was over, I went back in his direction. He was watching the TV on the treadmill, so he had his earphones on. This made it a little difficult to get the subtlety into the conversation that I wanted...
"You're doing awesome!"
"You're doing awesome!"
"I usually do 45 minutes a day."
And now for my brilliant line that it took me a whole workout to cook up:
"Hopefully I'll see you around soon."
"See you around!"

And I walked off.
Sorry I stink so bad at flirting, boys. It's not that I'm not interested.

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i i eee said...

Hey at least you talked to him, right? :)